Myprodays Matrimonial Members

Myprodays listed the members availablility in different languages, religions and communities. Listed links are below,

By Languages
Abkhazian Matrimonial Afar Matrimonial Afrikaans Matrimonial Albanian Matrimonial Amharic Matrimonial Arabic Matrimonial Armenian Matrimonial Assamese Matrimonial Aymara Matrimonial Azerbaijani Matrimonial Bashkir Matrimonial Basque Matrimonial Bengali=Bangla Matrimonial Bhutani Matrimonial Bihari Matrimonial Bislama Matrimonial Breton Matrimonial Bulgarian Matrimonial Burmese Matrimonial Byelorussian Matrimonial Cambodian Matrimonial Catalan Matrimonial Chinese Matrimonial Corsican Matrimonial Croatian Matrimonial Czech Matrimonial Danish Matrimonial Dutch Matrimonial English=American Matrimonial Esperanto Matrimonial Estonian Matrimonial Faeroese Matrimonial Fiji Matrimonial Finnish Matrimonial French Matrimonial Frisian Matrimonial Gaelic=Scots Gaelic Matrimonial Galician Matrimonial Georgian Matrimonial German Matrimonial Greek Matrimonial Greenlandic Matrimonial Guarani Matrimonial Gujarati Matrimonial Hausa Matrimonial Hebrew Matrimonial Hindi Matrimonial Hungarian Matrimonial Icelandic Matrimonial Indonesian Matrimonial Interlingua Matrimonial Interlingue Matrimonial Inupiak Matrimonial Irish Matrimonial Italian Matrimonial Japanese Matrimonial Javanese Matrimonial Kannada Matrimonial Kashmiri Matrimonial Kazakh Matrimonial Kinyarwanda Matrimonial Kirghiz Matrimonial Kirundi Matrimonial Korean Matrimonial Kurdish Matrimonial Laothian Matrimonial Latin Matrimonial Latvian Matrimonial Lingala Matrimonial Lithuanian Matrimonial Macedonian Matrimonial Malagasy Matrimonial Malay Matrimonial Malayalam Matrimonial Maltese Matrimonial Maori Matrimonial Marathi Matrimonial Moldavian Matrimonial Mongolian Matrimonial Nauru Matrimonial Nepali Matrimonial Norwegian Matrimonial Occitan Matrimonial Oriya Matrimonial Oromo=Afan Matrimonial Pashto Matrimonial Persian Matrimonial Polish Matrimonial Portuguese Matrimonial Punjabi Matrimonial Quechua Matrimonial Rhaeto-Romance Matrimonial Romanian Matrimonial Russian Matrimonial Samoan Matrimonial Sangro Matrimonial Sanskrit Matrimonial Serbian Matrimonial Serbo-Croatian Matrimonial Sesotho Matrimonial Setswana Matrimonial Shona Matrimonial Sindhi Matrimonial Singhalese Matrimonial Siswati Matrimonial Slovak Matrimonial Slovenian Matrimonial Somali Matrimonial Spanish Matrimonial Sudanese Matrimonial Swahili Matrimonial Swedish Matrimonial Tagalog Matrimonial Tajik Matrimonial Tamil Matrimonial Tatar Matrimonial Tegulu Matrimonial Thai Matrimonial Tibetan Matrimonial Tigrinya Matrimonial Tonga Matrimonial Tsonga Matrimonial Turkish Matrimonial Turkmen Matrimonial Twi Matrimonial Ukrainian Matrimonial Urdu Matrimonial Uzbek Matrimonial Vietnamese Matrimonial Volapuk Matrimonial Welsh Matrimonial Wolof Matrimonial Xhosa Matrimonial Yiddish Matrimonial Yoruba Matrimonial Zulu Matrimonial


By Religions
Atheist Matrimonial Buddhist Matrimonial Christian Matrimonial Confucianism Matrimonial Gnosticism Matrimonial Hindu Matrimonial Islam Matrimonial Jain Matrimonial Jewish Matrimonial Judaism Matrimonial Mormonism Matrimonial Muslim Matrimonial None Agnostic Matrimonial Others Matrimonial Pagan Matrimonial Parsi Matrimonial Rastafarianism Matrimonial Scientology Matrimonial Shinto Matrimonial Sikh Matrimonial Spiritual Matrimonial


By Communities
Adi Dravida Matrimonial Adi Karnataka Matrimonial Agarwal Matrimonial Ahirs Matrimonial Ahluwalia Matrimonial Aiyar Matrimonial Anavil Brahmin Matrimonial Ancient Kshatriya Tribes Matrimonial Arain Matrimonial Arora Matrimonial Arora Matrimonial Arya Vysyas Matrimonial Audichya Brahmin Matrimonial Awan Matrimonial Bahi Matrimonial Balija Naidu Matrimonial Bania Matrimonial Baurias Matrimonial Bengali Brahmin Matrimonial Bengali Vaid Brahmin Matrimonial Bhandari Matrimonial Bhatia Matrimonial Bhatia Matrimonial Bhumihar Brahmin Matrimonial Billava Matrimonial Bohra Matrimonial Born Again Matrimonial Boyar Matrimonial Brahmin Matrimonial Bunt Matrimonial Catholic Matrimonial Chamar Matrimonial Chambhar Matrimonial Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhu Matrimonial Charan Matrimonial Chettiar Matrimonial Chuhra Matrimonial Clean Shaven Matrimonial CMS Matrimonial CSI Matrimonial Dalit Matrimonial Darji Matrimonial Dawoodi Bohra Matrimonial Dhangar Matrimonial Dhobi Matrimonial Digamber Matrimonial Ediga Matrimonial Evangelical Matrimonial Ezhava Matrimonial GangaPutra Matrimonial Gangwar Matrimonial Garudi Matrimonial Gondhali Matrimonial Goud Matrimonial Gounder Matrimonial Gujjars Matrimonial Gurshikh Matrimonial Hanafi Matrimonial Irani Matrimonial Jacobite Matrimonial Jambavas Matrimonial Jat Matrimonial Kalal Matrimonial Kambhoj Matrimonial Kamma Matrimonial Kannada Vaishya Matrimonial Kanyakubja Brahmin Matrimonial Kapu Matrimonial Kayastha Matrimonial Khandelwal Matrimonial Khatri Matrimonial Khatris Matrimonial Khoja Matrimonial Koiry Matrimonial Kolhati Matrimonial Konar Matrimonial Kongu Vellalar Matrimonial Kori Matrimonial Kshatriya Matrimonial Kumbhar Marathi potter caste Matrimonial Kumhar Matrimonial Kuravar Matrimonial Kurmi Matrimonial Kurni Matrimonial Kuruba Gowda Matrimonial Kutchi Matrimonial Labana Matrimonial Laheri Matrimonial Lebbai Matrimonial Leva Patidar Matrimonial Lingayat Matrimonial Lohana Matrimonial Lohar Matrimonial Madar Matrimonial Madhva Matrimonial Madiga Matrimonial Mahadiga Matrimonial Mahar Matrimonial Maher Matrimonial Majabi Matrimonial Malankara Matrimonial Mali Matrimonial Malik Matrimonial Mang Matrimonial Maratha Matrimonial Maravar Matrimonial Marthoma Matrimonial Mazabhi Matrimonial Mediaeval Age Kshatriyas Matrimonial Mers Matrimonial Mistry Matrimonial Mogaveera Matrimonial Mudaliar Matrimonial Mughal Matrimonial Nadar Matrimonial Nadar caste Matrimonial Nai Matrimonial Naidu Matrimonial Nair Matrimonial Ontari Matrimonial Orthodox Matrimonial Oswal Matrimonial Others Matrimonial Others Matrimonial Others Matrimonial Others Matrimonial Padayatchi Matrimonial Paravas Matrimonial Pariah Matrimonial Pathan Matrimonial Pendacost Matrimonial Phool Mali Matrimonial Pillai Matrimonial Prajapati Matrimonial Protestant Matrimonial Pulayar Matrimonial Qureshi Matrimonial Rais Matrimonial Rajput Matrimonial Ramgharia Matrimonial Ravidasia Matrimonial Reddiar Matrimonial Reddy Matrimonial Ror Matrimonial Sansi Matrimonial Sekhri Matrimonial Sengunthar Matrimonial Shafi Matrimonial Shed Matrimonial Shewetamber Matrimonial Shia Matrimonial Shimpi Matrimonial Shivalli Brahmins Matrimonial Somvanshi Kshatriya Pathare Prabhu Matrimonial Sonar Matrimonial Sonjhari Matrimonial Sourashtra Matrimonial Sunni Matrimonial Sutar Matrimonial Swakula Sali Matrimonial Syrian Matrimonial Tarkhan Matrimonial Telaga Nayudu Matrimonial Teli Matrimonial Tigala Matrimonial Twashta Kansar Matrimonial Tyagi Brahmin Matrimonial Valmiki Matrimonial Vania Matrimonial Vanniyar Matrimonial Velama Matrimonial Vokkaliga Matrimonial Yadav Matrimonial Yerukala Matrimonial
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Enjoy Online Forum With Messenger Support has recently launched online forum for website professionals. It is named as This forum has specific feature called thread messenger. Using thread messenger professionals can share their knowledge online. So instant help is possible for users who starts the thread. No need to wait for replies. It is straight forward. Forum provides option for offline posting also for those who may not be in environment in which they have no access to messenger.

And more over, private discussions also possible between two professionals. They can add contacts to their contact list or they can directly discuss with other professionals through their profile page.

It is awesome and believes this forum website will hit all over the world very quickly. This is the first online forum with direct discussion through online messenger.

Try and Enjoy!!! Url is Good news right?!!

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New Forums Launched By

My myprodays lauched new forums sites along with web directory and articles subdomains.

To visit follow the following links,

Thinking Forums – Technology Forums
My Activity Forums – Personal Activity Forums
Articles – Categorized Articles Site
Directory – Free Web Directory

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How To Become A Millionaire? Formula Exposed!

Man can live inside society as long as he has money in his name. If there is no money with him, then the person will have to leave the society to find better place to live happily. May be forest is the best place for him.

Freedom in social life can be achieved only by accepting social rules. When we accept the social rule, it becomes our attitude and we will be liberated from the rule itself. Discipline is one of the most required things to have social health. When we accept social rules as it is, we will have more time to focus on what we want. All social rules are branch of one rule, that is, never ever take hard action towards others. Consider others.

If a person pulls beautiful girl hand at first site will bring good sound slap to him. Trying to become millionaire all of the sudden will break social rules and brings unhappy consequences. Rushing towards final result without considering root is the cause of unhappiness.

Money is product of effort and knowledge. [Effort * Knowledge = Money]

A poor man goes for work eight hours duty and earns about $50 per day. After 5 years, the same man goes for same eight hours duty, but he ears about $1500.

But a rich man goes for eight hours duty and earns about $50 per day initially. But after 5 years, the same man goes for eight hours duty, but his income is more than a million. How? Knowledge makes big difference in business.

Love and Business are synonyms.

Love is giving. A person wants something, and if we fulfil his requirement by considering our ability and his requirement, then we are in love. To become a millionaire, we have to become loveable person inside society.

Society gives good comfort depends upon the service value they do. The more we serve to other people requirements, the richer we become.

If a person serves at hotel for few customers then he earns less money. But same person uses the internet and make the hotel business all over the country or at least to the city, he becomes rich. Now his service is available for more customers. He uses media to reach his targeted customers.

We can be doing any duty, no matter what it is. But if we want to become rich, then we have to reach our targeted customers by socializing our service.

If we are working in a company, we have to allocate more time to understand the requirement and to fulfil that. We will become more knowledgeable in that domain, then we are ready serve millions and billions of customer using available medias. That is all, we become rich.

Doing duty with full involvement gives complete knowledge about that the profession.

More knowledge brings the ability to serve more customers. Serving more customers brings more comfort, which is money, our final result. More money brings a beautiful name, which is millionaire.

Knowledge about the profession is the key to become millionaire.

Author Info:
Muralidharan is a miraculous matrimonial, dating and messenger developer. All free no fee. Visit his latest messenger release. It is named as Takewalk Messenger.

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Cakewalk Messenger – A Bridge Between Beloved Ones

Quick Messenger

Quick Messenger

Accessing messenger is a cakewalk for anyone from any system. Typing address in browser gives instant messenger access with text, voice and web cam support. It is more simple and stable now.

Mail and Messenger are the wonderful communication media to contact known members. Mail supports only offline messages. But messenger is designed to contact the person online to exchange messages. Messenger supports simple offline messages too.

Initially messenger is designed to support only text based message exchange. Due to its simplicity and less bandwidth consumption, messenger got great popularity in internet market. Now a days, popular messengers support text, voice and web cam transmissions. Bandwidth consumption for popular chat application is based on the encoder they use.

Two types of messengers are available on the web.

First type messenger requires native application download and installation in local system. This type of chat application uses its own encoder and compression techniques for message transmissions. It requires both the members should have same application installed on their own system to communicate. And, if the member wants to use chat application in different system, once again the application installation process has to be completed.

Second type of messenger does not require any specific application installation to use chat application. Instead, they use Browser and Flash features for message exchange process. Browser and Flash are the most common popular platform to browse websites. Initially, only text transmission was supported, but now, websites are started to provide text, voice and web cam transmission in this type. It is very simple to access and to use, compare to first one.

Popular chat application providers started to provide the features to exchange the messages between both the types of messenger.

Second type messengers are getting more popular due to its simplicity and its availability in any system. User has to simply type website address and the chat application is ready to use.

Messengers are wonderful platform to contact friends, family and known members online. Now, accessing messenger is a cakewalk for messenger users, with different types of media transmissions such as text, voice and web cam. Any system that has Browser and Flash can access online web media messenger. Type the address and messenger appears on screen to serve. It is a cakewalk.

Author Info: Muralidharan is a miraculous matrimonial, dating and messenger developer. All free no fee. Visit his latest release Takewalk Messenger – Online Web Media Messenger.

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Text, Microphone, Web-Cam Online Web Messenger

Online web messenger. In addition to matrimonial and dating domains, has launched new product using YUI 2.6. It is named as takewalk messenger. Takewalk messenger supports Text, Microphone and Web-Cam transmissions. This product can be accessed from main domain home page. For convenient, the same can be accessed by browsing It is in BETA currently and will be moved to live after confirming the stability of the product.

Messenger is simple to use and designed to contact friends, family and known members.

Browser Requirements
1. IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox 3+, Opera 9.51+, Chrome 4+ with Flash Player 9
2. Allow Pop-ups for

How To Use
1. Register: Please register by entering E-Mail, Password, Confirm Password And Nick Name.
2. Media Transmission: To allow other member to view the Web-Cam and hear the Microphone transmissions, click on ‘Allow Media Access’ link in messenger window.
3. Add Member: To add members in a group, right click on group name and select ‘Add Member’ menu item. Enter new member Nickname and E-Mail. A invitation mail will be sent with login-id and password to new member if he does not exists in the system already.
4. Approving Request: Incoming member request will be listed in ‘Incoming’ group. Right click on incoming member name and select menu item to approve or deny.
That’s all. Browse to

Happy Messaging.

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